Mail: ginasandberg@outlook.com

Mobil: +4745678810

Post- og fakturaadresse: Gamle Kongevei 63, 7043 Trondheim 

Org.nr: 989 830 430

Bankkonto: 4345 11 71330


Please do contact me if you have any questions at all considering discussing a collaboration, or you are interesting in buying my visual art or consultations. I enjoy varying taking on different tasks in all of my fields, weather you have a project, concept, idea, event etc that you need professional help with. Since my skills in seeing the total view, as well as carrying it all out practically myself, is a huge advance. If we will need extra help I can get the right people.

Paintings and photos I have always been painting on requests from companies or private people wanting me to do a special work of art for an exact room or wall. Then the possibilities for wich size to choose from, colors and material are many (This concern prints as well). It all depends on you’re preferences, and I prefer working this way. I will make you a unique piece of art with my own peculiarity.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Everything is in perfect order at present time..

Best Gina